About Tweyman Law and our Philosophy

The focus of our practice at Tweyman Law is legal issue arising from divorce. Our motto, "Moving Life Forward", reflects our fundamental philosophy that divorce is not something people should be dealing with for years, but an unfortunate time from which people need to move on and rebuild. However, the settlement or outcome of a divorce case is something that will affect you and your family for years to come. Therefore, it is immensely important that every case is resolved as fairly and comprehensively as is possible in the circumstances.

To provide services that reflect our philosophy, we do our best to provide value to your case, by helping you understand what you can expect from the divorce process. We explain options and provide advice, guiding clients through the case while ensuring clients understand risks and benefits from the direction they choose. Part of our philosophy is to be realistic and attempt to give client the range of possible outcomes he or she might expect.

Despite an approach that is geared to settlement, divorces elicit a lot of emotions and expectations, and it is not always possible to arrive at a settlement through negotiations or at the early stages of litigation. Lawyers at Tweyman Law have significant trial experience and are well-equipped to take your case to trial if that is what it demands.

What is family law?

Family law encompasses all the issues that arise from the breakdown of a relationship, be it a marriage or common-law relationship. The frequent issues that we deal with at Tweyman Law are issues involving:

  • custody and access - this involves the determination of how much each parent will see a child or children, as well as who will make the decisions regarding the child or children;
  • child support - this involves the determination of whether a parent will be required to pay a monthly amount of money to the other parent and, if so, how much. There may also be special or extraordinary expenses the parents may need to share;
  • spousal support - sometimes, but not always, one spouse has to pay a monthly sum to the other spouse for the other spouse's support. Entitlement to spousal support arises from factors like the length of the relationship, the roles of each spouse during the marriage, economic consequences arising from the marriage or its breakdown, and other factors. Unlike child support, the spousal support "Guidelines" are not applied as rigidly and legal advice is necessary to determine where you stand legally, whether as potential payor or recipient.
  • property - perhaps the least understood and most complex area of family law is how spouses deal with property after they separate. We have significant experience dealing with property issues and a lawyer is particularly helpful in this area of the law because of all the nuances.

There are many misconceptions about family law in Ontario. The vast amount of information on the internet has fostered some misconceptions and the false belief that handling your own case is a good idea. From custody to property, and everything in between, it is important to have a professional when dealing with issues as important as your children and your financial future.

A Tweyman Law lawyer can help you through this difficult time.